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Supported Environments

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Supported Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows 7 and later (32bit, 64bit)
  • MacOS 10.12 “Sierra” and later (64bit)
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 and later (32bit, 64bit)
  • Ubuntu 14.04 and later (32bit, 64bit)

Other operating systems supporting Oracle Java SE Development Kit should work as well.

Required Java Version

Oracle Java SE Development Kit 7 or 8 (JDK)

Java 3rd Party Dependencies



Supported Versions

Project URL guava 20.0 and later
com.jayway.jsonpath json-path 2.2.0 and later
commons-codec commons-codec 1.4 and later
commons-io commons-io 2.4 and later
javax.servlet javax.servlet-api 3.1
junit junit 4.x and later
net.minidev accessors-smart 1.1 and later
net.minidev json-smart 2.2.1 and later
org.eclipse.jetty jetty-* 9.2.x, 9.3.x, 9.4.x
org.hamcrest hamcrest-* 1.3
org.javassist javassist 3.21.0-GA and later
org.json json 20170516 and later
org.ow2.asm asm 5.0.x and later
org.slf4j slf4j-api 1.7.x and later
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