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Exporting Virtual Services from CodeSV

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Use our handy export feature to share your virtualized assets with other team members and integrate seamlessly with our CA Service Virtualization solution.

After you have created your custom service, you can export the executed HTTP requests from that service and the responses in to text files. These text files are created in a Request-Response (RR) pairs format and can be imported into CA Service Virtualization to create a Virtual Service.

To enable the export feature, it is required to set the system property codesv.export with the value of the target folder that will contain the files. You can set the property from java code in the desired method or in @Before or @BeforeClass methods.

It is also possible to add this property to the gradle or maven execution command line.


gradle -Dcodesv.export=/home/user/export test


mvn test -Dcodesv.export=/home/user/export test

For a complete example see: ExportExample