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CodeSV includes the following key features:

  • Virtualize HTTP traffic in just a few minutes.
    • The simple, fluent, Java-based interface (API) is built to look like a typical developer interface or IDE, and works exactly as a software engineer would expect. There is no need to use another tool.
  • Auto-generated endpoints.
    • Endpoints are auto-generated, which means in-process virtualization (IPV) artifacts are created on the fly. Auto- generated endpoints eliminate the need to spend time configuring endpoints, saving time and eliminating manual work.
  • Reuse and share virtual assets across teams.
    • CodeSV also allows developers to import and export Request/Response (RR) pairs to reuse and share virtual assets across teams. This saves time by eliminating the need to create new assets from scratch.
  • Virtualizing both REST and SOAP services.
    • CodeSV supports virtualizing both REST and SOAP services to fully cover your web service virtualization.
  • Lambda expressions from Java 8.
    • CodeSV supports the new lambda expressions from Java 8.
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